Season Report is the modernized almanac that looks at the entire ecosystem around you.

What can you hunt, when, where, and how?

When should you should start your garden seeds or transplant?

When are local berries, mushrooms, or wild grapes in season?

Our goal is to help people more easily engage with the outdoors in order to promote a sense of ownership that translates to responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

Why would I pay for information that I can find for free?

Because we save you time. Every year the hunting season dates change, limits change, mushroom season comes and goes before you notice, and by the time you realize you should have tried something new it is a little too late. We simplify everything nationwide into the same easy to use format. Create your personalized local food dashboard with all the information you need and none of the fluff that antiquated websites or booklets that are more ads than information.

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There are several next steps planned to make your seasonal information even more accurate and easy to access.

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